Generative Design – the Future of Engineering?

The image above depicts a drone frame created using generative design. This helps to reduce the weight of the structure by minimizing material use while conforming to the engineering inputs. So, what is generative design?

It is an iterative method for designing new products using the help of CAD software features. These features automatically create a large number of design possibilities when specific data is provided as input. The inputs form the constraints within which the design should perform. These designs are not invented by AI. They are actually human designs that are refined using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For example, if we need to create possible designs for a dining table, we need to provide data such as the length, breadth, and the height we expect it to be and the load we need it to support. The generative design program will create a large number of iterations for us which we can fine-tune further as per our preferences. Each iteration can have hundreds of designs within it.

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