How To Buy Right Cement Testing Equipment?

Before jumping to cement testing instruments,it is imperative to understand the anatomy of the word itself.Hydraulic cement is a powder which,when mixed with water undergoes hydration, and the hard cement gains strength over time.Portland cement is the most common category of hydraulic cementand is used for mortar,grout and concrete. While the history of cement goes back to ancient Egyptians, the modern developments in cement began in 1750’s and gradually the cement testing instruments and cement testing lab equipment have undergone drastic improvement.

What is the Purpose of the Concrete Pressing Machine?

Concrete pressing machine uses the compressive force to load numerous categories of concrete specimens so that the material fits the structural strength and design specifications. Concrete testing equipment finds its place in every concrete testing lab, and the project manager has to monitor the compressive strength of concrete before choosing a particular method.

How Should You Choose the Right Machine for Your Lab?

1-Comprehending Frame Capacity and Stiffness:

Compressive strength of concrete is the basis used by the engineers indesigning the structures. Adherence to ACI 363 report on high-strength concrete and compliance with ASTM C39 is mandatory while choosing the cement testing lab equipment.Stiff load frame will reduce chances of accidents, ensure uniformity in specimen loading and have a long life.

2-Knowledge About Sample Types and Strength Specifications

The size of the specimen tested will directly influence the maximum concrete strengththe machine can test.Factors like compatibility,strength,size,features and type of test should be kept in mind as these directly determine the machine’s functionality.

3-Data Collection

Comprehending and analyzing data after performing the tests is a crucial step. You should be able to comprehend the data collected after the tests to gain maximum efficiency.

4-Enhance Versatility with Accessories

Once you know the exact specifications, you can choose the accessories that will further enhance the functioning of the concrete compression machine.Locking stems,upper platens, masonry block prisms etc. are accessories thatcan be used with the machine.

5-Choose the Machine Which Meets the Requirements

Once you have done your homework, pick the machine which stands tall on strength and efficiency.

What is the Various Cement Testing Equipment?

  • Compressive strength can be tested using ASTM C109/AASHTO T 106.Cube moulds for cement testing,ASTM test stand and laboratory mixers are used under this category.
  • Finesse of the cement is tested by 45-mm sieve. Cement finesse apparatus and air permeability apparatus are used for this purpose.
  • Consistency of the cement is tested by using the flow table test apparatus.
  • Time of setting of the hydraulic cement is tested by Vicat Needle.
  • La Chatelier Flask is used to test the density of hydraulic cement.

Concrete compression testing finds its place in every concrete testing lab. Finding the right supplier who can deliver the best machine will make the task of the project manager easy. Get in touch with us for sourcing the best cement testing equipment.

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