Things to Consider When Buying Asphalt Testing Equipments

Material testing equipmentis known by different names like friction tester,material tester, adhesiveness tester, polymer tester, etc. When the task is to find the best place to buy testing equipment, you can land yourself in a fix due to numerous options available. Your task is to source the bestbecause that will govern how serious you are about the business and in this article you will find some tips which will guide you in buying asphalt testing equipment.

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt or bitumen is a sticky,black and highly viscous semi-solid or solid form of petroleum found in natural deposits or can be turned into a refined product used for levelling the surface of the roads, embankments, parking lots and airports.

What Should You Consider While Buying Asphalt Testing Equipment?

People who are in the business of dealing in asphalt,need to consider the following points before buying asphalt testing equipment:


Alongwith the quality of the asphalt testing machine,the quality of the software has to be top-notch for unblemished results.The asphalt testing machine will perform the test and the software will record the data which can later be analyzed by the experts.

2-Ease of use

Before you buy asphalt testing machine, take a trial run and see howmuch comfortable you are in using it.Modern testing machines are easy to use and are in accordance with international standards.


Try to source the testing equipment which comes with a comprehensive software package that can be changed with the changing requirements of the business.

4-Secure your future

When you bring asphalt testing equipment you should gauge what impact it will have on your business.The machine should suffice your present and future needs.

5-Evaluate your requirements

Everything expensive doesn’t mean that it comes with guaranteed results. You need to evaluate your business needs because finalizing the testing equipment.

Which is the Most Common Test Performed by Asphalt Producers?

Asphalt Rice Test or maximum specific gravity test is the most common test performed in the testing labs.This test is conducted to check the quality of the asphalt mixture.Entrapped and free air is removed from the sample before performing the test.Choosing the equipment which minimises human input variables will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the tests.

Which is the Most Common Test Performed by Asphalt Producers?

  • Vacuum pump to remove the free air
  • Rice shaker triggers the pycnometer which removes the entrapped air
  • Digital Absolute Pressure Manometer is used to measure the vacuum applied to the sample
  • The specific gravity water tank is used for suspended weighing.When used with curing tank heater/circulator, it maintains the required temperature of 25 degree Celsius + 1 degree Celsius.
  • Air/Gas Dryer prevents water from seeping in the vacuum pump.

Asphalt testing equipment will be found in every testing lab of the asphalt producers. For more information on asphalt rice test, get in touch with our team.

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